Q: What is the jewelry made from?
A: All of Sunset Studios' products are handcrafted with stoneware clay and fired to stoneware temperatures (exceeding 2250°F), ensuring durability and high quality.  We use waxed cotton cord, which resists breakage, knotted into an adjustable length style on all of our necklaces.  Necklace beads, when used, are solid brass and/or nickel. 

Q: How durable is the jewelry?
A: Because all of our jewelry is fired to stoneware temperatures, each piece is very durable and should last many years, if treated with care.  Keep in mind that it is a stoneware item, and stands a chance or breakage if dropped (just like a piece of dinnerware!).  And yes, you can leave them on while showering!

Q: What are the approximate sizes of the various pieces of jewelry?
A: Large beaded necklaces vary in size - most are 1¼"w x 1½"h; bear image is 2½"w x 1¾"h.

Choker necklaces are ¾"w x 1"h.

Brooches vary in size - most are 1"w x 1¼"h.

The clay on the drop earrings is 5/8"w x ¾"h.  The ear wires on the drop earrings are ¾" long.

Fridge magnets vary in size - most are either 2" round or 2¼" x 1½" oval.

Q: What are the earring findings made of?
A: Our drop style earrings use hypo-allergenic surgical stainless steel wire and are adorned with surgical stainless steel beads. 

Q: How strong are the magnets?
A: We use magnets with super-strong hold.  Our tests have proven that we can hold up to 9 sheets of paper with just one of our fridge magnets!

Q: How is the jewelry packaged?
A: Each piece of jewelry comes individually packaged, on an attractive display card.  Name drop labels for the cards can be included at nominal cost.  The cards include an interesting write up pertaining to the jewelry image.

Q: Do you provide display stands for your products?
A: Yes, we have very attractive rotating display stands available.  We have developed a "modular" line of display stands that accommodates all combinations of jewelry orders.  They are stackable, to increase your product selection, requiring only 1 square foot of counter space.  Rotating floor model display stands also available.  Click here to see photos of our stands.

Q: How long does it take to receive an order?
A: Generally, we can ship your order next day.

Q: Do you have a minimum order requirement?
A: We have no minimum order requirement on stock image pieces.  We do require a minimum order of $500 for custom image pieces.  Please contact us for additional custom order information.

Q: What is necessary to create our own custom jewelry and magnets?
A: Preferably, a good quality black and white line art copy of your image/logo.  However, we have successfully produced impression dies from full color pictures.  The generation of the artwork could take considerably longer, though, and there will be an additional cost.

Q: Do you have an exchange policy?
A: Our exchange policy applies to CHOKERS ONLY.  Merchandise credits will be granted at the time of a restocking order. Merchandise is to be returned freight prepaid and in saleable condition (custom orders and name drops excluded).  Credits not to exceed 50% of the value of the restocking order.  Valid for 1 year from invoice date.

Q: How do you ship the product?
A: We will ship your order Expedited Post via Canada Post.  Freight charges will be included on the customer's invoice.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: First order prepaid (VISA, Mastercard, cheque/money order).  Account terms are net 30 days.

Q: How do we place an order?
A: Orders can be faxed, mailed, or emailed.  Go to our Contact Us page, for the complete list of contact information and to request an order form.