At the age of 12, Joanne Davenport began babysitting for a potter and stained glass artist, and knew that was what she wanted to be when she “grew up”. Her first pottery class at 13 reinforced that dream. Fast forward 15 years, and Sunset Studios was born in 1994. When Joanne was young she had no interest in hand building, preferring instead to throw on a potter’s wheel. She laughs today, since all her jewelry is formed from a slab and she doesn’t even own a wheel. “I don’t let myself buy one, because I know I’d want to play on it all day! Maybe I’ll get one after I retire...” In 2001, Joanne met her husband, Peter Veillette, and they combined their talents (hers being the flighty artisan, and his being the production oriented businessman) to grow Sunset Studios into a full time business for both of them. They share their home and studio in British Columbia’s beautiful Fraser Valley with their two cats, Charlie and Turbo.

Sunset Studios has been designing stoneware clay jewelry since 1994.  All of our pieces are individually hand crafted and glazed, then fired to stoneware temperature (2250°F), ensuring durability and high quality.  This makes each one a unique gift and collectable item.

How We Make Our Jewelry:

We hope you get as much pleasure out of our jewelry as we do making it!